Wazzup Chondrus Crispus!

A tenet of our company embraces the idea that YOU (the consumer) deserve the right to know every ingredient that is used in our products. If you aren't currently taking the time to read commercial food labels, please get in the habit of doing so from this point forward. It is amazing to think that the fancy, scientific names printed on food packaging are the same old things that we are still trying to avoid. The food industry should stop trying to beautify the harsh, ugliness of harmful food components! Irish moss has become our go-to "guy" as a plant-based thickener and/or gelatin. It isn't a type of moss, at all; rather, it is a tasteless seaweed!

We have learned so much about how to substitute and simplify the complex and chemical-ridden ingredients that most of us are used to eating on a regular basis. Some of the most intriguing things about sea moss is that it is very nutritious. As a part of our efforts to remain transparent with our customers we are sharing these images of how we process sea moss. 

The powdered form of the moss is commonly used in tinctures and teas. We frequently use it whole making sure to wash and boil it thoroughly before processing it into yummy treats. We try to consume it in moderation as it's a mild laxative, as well. Feel free to go through our social media  page to see how/why we use this #superfood so frequently... trust us: "using (Irish) moss is more than just a cultural thing for us, it's about the transformation of heirloom and traditional recipes to a new age cleaner way of living!" 

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