Our Story


We are a trio of sisters and kidpreneurs ages 13, 12 and 9. Though it is evident that this business is a collaborative effort, we each have important individual responsibilities, as well. In 2013, Lyrica (the eldest of the trio) started a bread ministry at the age of 6! We would bake bread and other goodies to distribute around and outside of our community. In order to fund our frequent donating she pitched this business venture to our parents. Over the years, we have created our own recipes and re-branded our business into Bourne Brilliant LLC.


Lyrica, Zaira and Nadira (in order by age) are now referred to as the CEO’s and founders of Bourne Brilliant LLC. We still handcraft plant-based baked goods, beverages and other foods. We've even "hired" our Mom and given her a host of titles and duties. We are multi-award-winning culinary creatives whose goals include promoting healthier eating habits to families and we'd love to see more kids participating more in the kitchen. We have a passion for encouraging youth to find and create their own business enterprise, as well. With the help of our parents, we have managed to own and operate this venture for over 5 years and we still have a charitable and philanthropic component to our module.. To find out more about us and to see more of our work please visit our pages on Instagram and Facebook @bournebrilliantco.

Many thanks for your support!